Fujitsu Telephone System F9600 Series

Valucomm Technologies is proud to carry the F9600 Fujitsu telephone system. Fujitsu is a leading manufacturer of business telephone systems using highly reliable computing technologies in their voice mail phone systems. We carry both new and used phone systems suited for any office solution.

As the "big gun" in the Fujitsu lineup, the F9600 is widely used by large organizations such as hospitals and government buildings where a bulletproof phone system is a must. Valucomm Technologies supports the F9600 with an extensive inventory of circuit cards, cabinets, power supplies and phones from the DT-12DS to the latest FT-12/24 series. If you need it, we probably have it.

The F9600 PBX system is a flexible, upgradeable multi-media system designed for today's office environment. It consists of a series of digital PBXs, developed to cover a wide range of system capacities. Providing a cost-effective configuration in each line capacity range, the processor power can be expanded in proportion to the number of terminals and the traffic volume (modular growth). The following configurations are available:

  • F9600LE: 50 to 120 lines / simple
  • F9600US: 50 to 224 lines / simplex
  • F9600VS: 50 to 400 lines / simplex (also called non-redundant).
  • F9600ES: 50 to 1,000 lines / simplex or duplex.
  • F9600MS: 100 to 1,200 lines / simplex.
  • F9600M: 100 to 1,200 lines / duplex (also called redundant).
  • F9600XL: 500 to 9,600 lines / duplex.

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