Fujitsu Telephone System Series 3

Fujitsu is a leading manufacturer of business telephone systems using highly reliable computing technologies in their voice mail phone systems. Valucomm Technologies is proud to carry the Series 3 Fujitsu telephone and other used phone systems. The Fujitsu Series 3 is a mid-size PBX confidently used by organizations across the country. Valucomm Technologies supports this system with a wide range of circuit cards, cabinets and phones.

The system is a modular design that is available in flexible configurations, which may range from 16 to 480 stations and from 4 to 240 trunks. This flexibility is designed into the system's universal card slots, which allow either line or trunk cards to be used in most card slot locations. The Series 3 offers a variety of cost control features including Least Cost Routing and Multi-Digit Toll Restriction, as well as the ability to include or exclude various features on any individual station.

Other features allow users to provide call coverage for each other and to route calls to an individual or to a destination they select. The system provides feature buttons that can be programmed for Call Forward, Camp-On, Call Park, and many other functions. The system offers a full range of voice communications features, enhanced business features, and support for industry standard and proprietary multi-line telephones. Simultaneous voice and data transmission over single-pair wiring and multifunction attendant and front desk console services are also provided.

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