Iwatsu ADIX Phone System

Iwatsu continued its reputation of high-quality equipment at a reasonable price with the introduction of the ADIX in the early 1990s. Starting with the small office ADIX VS, all the way to the 472-port ADIX APS, the ADIX delivers cost-effective, advanced features and functionality for enhanced productivity, profitability, and flexibility. Valucomm Technologies supports this system with a wide range of circuit cards, cabinets and phones.

The ADIX is engineered to facilitate expansion as your business grows into the future. The modular design of ADIX provides a seamless growth path from A 4-line, 8-station system to a maximum of 472 ports. There are two basic types of ADIX systems. The smallest system is the ADIX VS which is a self contained unit solution. The rest of the ADIX line is based upon modular cabinets with universal port architecture, which allows you flexibility to grow as your business grows.

Select the ADIX Model for you:

  • ADIX VS –maximum capacity 14 digital stations or door phones, 2 analog stations, 4 voice mail / auto attendant ports, 3 ISDN BRI Lines or 6 Caller ID lines, 5 miscellaneous function ports, and 2 serial interface ports.
  • ADIX 50/100/200 Classic - maximum capacity 450 universal ports
  • ADIX “S” –maximum capacity 52 universal ports
  • ADIX “M” –maximum capacity 200 universal ports
  • ADIX “APS” –maximum capacity 472 universal ports

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