Scitec Business Phones

Scitec is an award-winning ISO-9001-certified telephone set manufacturer and preferred supplier to major hotel chains, hotel management companies and owners, and PBX system manufacturers. Scitec products have an established reputation for quality and value in the marketplace.

Scitec has 120 full-time research and development personnel along with 60 fully trained quality control personnel that are assigned to monitor product quality during all production shifts that use both state-of-the-art surface mount manufacturing technology and cost-efficient through-hole assembly techniques for best combined product quality and value along with ensuring strict adherence to ISO-9001 and RoHS standards. Quality control personnel complete a strict 350-page quality control report for each production run that covers component parts inspection to assembly and packaging. Then, all key components are 100% tested prior to assembly. Scitec quality control process for each production run involves a 19-step checklist, 53 test reports, and 128 data sheets.

In addition, products meet UL, FCC, ETL, and CE standards, and component purchases limited to 150 core ISO-9001-certified suppliers.

Please click on the links below for detailed information on all the phones Scitec offers. If you need pricing, please call us toll free at 1-877-293-0655 or email us at

Hospitality Series Phones

Business Series Phones

Standard Series Phones

Emergency Series Phones

Health Care Series Phones

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