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NEC Phone Systems—Refurbished and Unused

NEC Professional™ - Level I, Level II and Level II Advanced Telephone Systems

Although NEC Telephones has replaced the Professional line of phone equipment with the Elite line, thousands of users across the country still find that it is a "professional" quality phone system and we are happy to support it. Our large stock of Professional Level refurbished NEC phone systems, circuit cards, and cabinets all come with our standard one-year warranty.

NEC Elite 48 and NEC Elite 192

This replacement for the Professional Level telephone systems continues NEC's standard for quality-built phone systems while offering next-generation features such as voice-mail-on-a-card, simpler programming and redesigned telephones. Though recently replaced by the NEC Elite IPK system we are able to offer a large inventory of unused and refurbished NEC Elite 48 and 192 telephones, circuit cards, and other equipment. We also offer tech support on all the Elite systems if you have a specific problem you need help with.


The latest iteration from NEC Telephones of their Elite telephone systems retains the robust quality of the previous Elite systems while adding 21st Century capabilities such as Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) and CCIS. Rather than completely changing the phone system NEC has designed this system so that almost all the circuit cards from the original Elite 48 and Elite 192 will work on the NEC Elite IPK as well as the Elite Series phones (DTU-***).

NEC 2000

Introduced in the mid 90's the NEC 2000 is a mid-size PBX workhorse that continues to evolve to meet the demands of new telecommunications technologies. The latest version of the NEC 2000 adds Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) capabilities to the list of available features. Valucomm Technologies stocks refurbished and unused phones, circuit cards, KSU's and other equipment to support the NEC 2000.

NEC 2400

With the largest capacity of any PBX made by NEC the 2400 is designed to meet the needs of the biggest end-users. Valucomm technologies stocks a wide variety of cabinets, circuit cards, and telephones to support the NEC 2400.

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