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From the initial home assessment to the final installation of your unit, furnace installation is an involved process that usually takes a day or two of work.

Furnace Filters

Simply Green offers a variety of furnace filters for Canada that meet the highest modern safety standards and ensure that your high efficiency furnace will also keep your air clean.


High efficiency furnace

Adding a new high efficiency furnace could be one of the biggest improvements you ever make to your home. Adding a gas furnace means an instant upgrade in the equity in your home while also slashing your heating prices. This becomes especially true if you are replacing an oil burning unit with a high efficiency gas furnace, as natural gas costs significantly less than oil. Simply Green can help you find the best Canada furnace options for your home.

How Does a High Efficiency Furnace Work?

Most furnaces work by drawing air into them, heating them up with gas, wood, or oil, and then projecting that heated air through your home. As time goes by, furnace efficiency decreases, requiring more fuel to keep your house warm. High efficiency units work to keep your gas furnace prices down over the long run through two methods. First, a new furnace uses better-quality parts, which means it can last longer before needing repair or replacement. Secondly, high-efficiency models adjust their energy usage depending on the outside temperature. That means that the furnace uses less energy on warmer days, since the air doesn’t need to be heated by as much. These factors all reduce your overall heating costs.

Finding an Affordable Furnace

Despite the obvious long-term savings and the increase in comfort within the home, the up-front high efficiency furnace cost leads many people to think that they can’t afford the upgrade. In fact, the government pitches in a little bit with this, providing rebates that help to reduce furnace prices in the end. Simply Green is also here to help. Rather than buying the furnace outright, we can provide you with the best high efficiency prices possible by allowing you to rent the unit. Rather than break the bank to get a new furnace for sale, you can instead rent it, paying a little bit at a time over the life of the furnace. Everybody deserves the best furnace possible, regardless of their financial situation.

The Cost Breakdown

By renting a unit, you can offset the up-front furnace cost and still reap the savings going forward. In almost every case, the biggest new furnace cost is the up-front installation. By renting, you skip right to monthly energy savings, which helps to offset the rental price. High-efficiency furnaces are currently as high as 96% fuel efficient. Compare this to older models, which often run as low as 50% to 65% efficient. That gap means that, if you have a mid-efficient model in your home, you are paying as much as 40% to 50% more for your heating bills that you need to.

Look at your monthly heating bill, imagine a 50% savings, and then think about how quickly a high efficiency furnace can make your monthly expenses easier to budget. No appliance in your household works harder than your furnace, and it is essential that you have the highest efficiency unit possible if you want to save money. Simply Green can help you rent a great new furnace at the right price, allowing you to stay warmer during the Canadian winter for less than what you are paying right now.

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Thanks for your great products and installation. I especially like that all products are high efficiency. We went for the Goodman furnace and it has been working perfectly thus far. Both air quality and comfort have improved throughout the home.



Our 20+ year old furnace broke down and my neighbour suggested I use simply green. I was hesitant at first, since I have never heard of them before but our neighbour insisted we give them a call since she was so happy with her new furnace. We had our new furnace within 2 days.


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My wife and I recently moved into a new home and we needed to get a new furnace, so I did my research. I eventually settled on Simply Green because the guy who came to my house knew what he was talking about.

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