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ValCom is an official re-seller and dealer of SimplyGreen tankless water heaters and related products. As an official representation, he offers his services to provide customers with the best range of options and advice possible. This includes help in selecting the appropriate product, choosing potential rental options, and deciding whether an electric or gas tankless hot water heater is the right option for you.

SimplyGreen provides a wide range of different heating options for homes who wish to replace their existing furnaces or hot water heaters. The need to replace this product may come as a result of age, since all heaters eventually wear down and need to be replaced. It also may come out of a simple desire to save money on energy costs. Tankless water heaters have less energy loss, since they don’t need to keep dozens of gallons at a high temperature throughout the day. This makes things better for the environment and better for your budget.

ValCom serves Canadian homes from Calgary to Toronto and beyond, allowing you to use a trusted local source for your water heating needs. Having somebody who knows your area and can help you find solutions for your individual home is particularly important, as larger corporations tend to ignore important things like the rapid changes in weather that sometimes hit Canadian residences during the year. Whether you want reliable hot water so you can enjoy a hot shower on a cold winter day or want to save on heating prices year round, be sure to contact ValCom today.


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