Furnace Filters


Furnace Filters

Furnaces work by drawing in air, heating it to high levels, and then circulating it through a building. Without the proper filtration system, this can lead to dust particles and other pollutants getting blown through a home and making it more difficult to breathe. That’s why furnace filters are so essential. Simply Green offers a variety of furnace filters for Canada that meet the highest modern safety standards and ensure that your high efficiency furnace will also keep your air clean.

What is a Furnace Filter?

Strictly speaking, furnace air filters don’t purify the air but rather keep the furnace’s blower fan free of dust and other particulates. However, in doing so it also reduces the number of toxins that the fan would normally blow through your home. The best furnace filters are high efficiency particulate arrestance, or HEPA, filters. These typically remove greater than 99% of particulates from the incoming air. This includes the removal of lint, odors, and small dust particles. If you have pets, a HEPA furnace filter also blocks hair and dander from getting recirculated in your home. Overall, a well-maintained filter keeps your furnace running efficiently while also keeping dust and other pollutants out of your lungs.

Electrostatic Air Filters

Some furnace models use an electrostatic furnace filter, which can be removed, cleaned, and then put back into the furnace. These washable furnace filters are useful due to the fact that they don’t need to be replaced like other furnace filters do. The filter works by utilizing static electricity to attract and hold small particulates in the air. When the filter gets full enough, you just remove it, vacuum out the dust, rinse it off, and put it back into the unit. Electrostatic filters don’t have quite the same efficiency level as some other options, but they are very useful for those who want to do some light furnace maintenance themselves instead of having to call in a professional when the filter gets full.

Renting and Upgrading Your Air Filter

As with home furnaces, you don’t have to buy a HEPA air filter outright. Using Simply Green, you can instead choose to rent the part, getting the benefits of owning it without having to pay for the upfront cost. Our furnace filters in Ca. are made of the highest quality parts and re especially ideal for people who suffer from asthma or another breathing condition where the removal of allergens and pollutants in the air is more essential. The parts some in all furnace filter sizes and can fit virtually any unit, whether you are renting it or already have it bought and paid for within your home.

As with other rentals through Simply Green, these filters are covered by warranty for their expected lifespan.

A properly functioning air filter is one of the most essential parts in any furnace. By making sure that you have a well-made filter that fits the needs of your home, you can keep your unit running very well for a long period of time. Choosing a strong warranty to back that up helps even further, guaranteeing cleaner air within your home.

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Thanks for your great products and installation. I especially like that all products are high efficiency. We went for the Goodman furnace and it has been working perfectly thus far. Both air quality and comfort have improved throughout the home.



Our 20+ year old furnace broke down and my neighbour suggested I use simply green. I was hesitant at first, since I have never heard of them before but our neighbour insisted we give them a call since she was so happy with her new furnace. We had our new furnace within 2 days.


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My wife and I recently moved into a new home and we needed to get a new furnace, so I did my research. I eventually settled on Simply Green because the guy who came to my house knew what he was talking about.

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