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Installation and Replacement

From the initial home assessment to the final installation of your unit, furnace installation is an involved process that usually takes a day or two of work. The process remains largely the same wherever you are, whether you need furnace installation in Calgary or furnace installation in Toronto. Luckily, skilled professionals can make the process easy. When you go through Simply Green, you can even offset much of the initial furnace installation cost by renting the equipment over a longer period of time.

Home Assessment

First of all, a professional needs to look over your home heating system and make a plan as to how to properly proceed. This initial assessment looks at your current furnace, the method in which the heat gets delivered to your home, and the overall age of the house. The needs of different installations vary depending on these factors. For example, most homes in Edmonton are older than buildings in Calgary, so furnace replacement in Edmonton might require extra work to bleed old radiators to mitigate pressure buildup, while furnace replacement in Calgary might be more straightforward. Naturally, this is not a hard and fast rule, but the age and architecture of your home and its heating system play a role in the installation of a new unit.

Removal of Old Equipment

Most of the time, you can’t have your old furnace remain when your new furnace comes in. For this reason, the furnace replacement process usually involves dismantling and removing your old heating system. In rare cases, such as a conversion from oil to natural gas, this might involve the removal of other unnecessary parts, such as an old oil tank. The removal of your old equipment is usually done as close to the installation of your new furnace as possible. That way, you don’t lose heat for very long. This becomes especially important if the installation process takes place during Canada’s cold winter months.

Installation and Cost Mitigation

Once the old equipment is removed, it’s time for the new furnace to be installed. This is the point when the reality of the furnace replacement cost sets in. If you buy the furnace up front, you need to pay for both the labor and the price of the equipment at the same time. While the new high efficiency furnace almost always pays for itself over time, this can still be a difficult financial pill to swallow for those who are on a budget. The rental process mitigates these costs somewhat by allowing you to pay a set monthly price for the equipment.

If you rent, the installation process remains the same and you get the same heat as anybody else. You just have the luxury of budgeting a smaller fee every month to pay for it.

When planning the installation of a new heating unit, you should make sure to get an accurate quote from the installer, even if you are only renting the furnace. You should also expect to have somebody in your home for at least a day, and possibly two in complex jobs. However, once the job is done you will immediately begin feeling the relief of lower heating costs.

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Thanks for your great products and installation. I especially like that all products are high efficiency. We went for the Goodman furnace and it has been working perfectly thus far. Both air quality and comfort have improved throughout the home.



Our 20+ year old furnace broke down and my neighbour suggested I use simply green. I was hesitant at first, since I have never heard of them before but our neighbour insisted we give them a call since she was so happy with her new furnace. We had our new furnace within 2 days.


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My wife and I recently moved into a new home and we needed to get a new furnace, so I did my research. I eventually settled on Simply Green because the guy who came to my house knew what he was talking about.

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